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1. How long does therapy last?
A. This is a tough question to answer. The number of visits depends on the complexity of the problems you’re bringing to our counseling session as well as how ready you are to tackle the underlying issues. Typically, we will begin our work together with once per week sessions, and when you and I feel that less support is needed, the frequency of visits will decrease. 

2. Will our discussions remain private?

A. Yes! Not only are there strict rules of confidentiality but it’s of upmost important to me as well. You need to be able to trust your therapist so that you can focus on what is bringing you in for help. I will never give identifying information about you to anyone without your written permission.

3. What do you do in a counseling session?

A. From the outside looking in, it looks a lot like talking but there is a lot happening in the “talking”.  A counselor’s job is not to tell you what to do, but empower you to learn and understand why you feel the way you feel, to look beyond the surface issues and delve into what’s below that. This takes bravery, trust and honesty from both you and me. Different techniques are utilized in each session to help you to gain insight into the concerns that are bringing you in, and we will work together to find solutions or resolve those problems.

4. What insurance policies are accepted?

A. Blue Cross, United Health Care, Medica, UMR, Health Partners and others contracted through Midland's Choice are currently accepted. Please contact your insurance company to confirm that you have coverage for mental health services. You may also pay for sessions out of pocket. 

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