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Couples/Family Therapy

Relationships with your loved one ebb and flow. Sometimes there is a strong connection when it seems like your love is rock solid and nothing can break it. At other times, it might feel as if you don’t even know one another anymore and that nothing you try is working. Kids, jobs, emotional/physical infidelity and life in general can cause rifts in relationships. When you and your loved one are lost, seeking an outside perspective may be necessary to repair that once rock solid bond. In couples counseling, I will work with you and your loved one to identify the root of the issues, understand how the other is feeling and create a balance to sustain a long and healthy relationship.


In family therapy, I help individuals function together as a unit by working with children and the adults in their lives. Troubling behavior in children and teens affect the family and can be symptoms of underlying problems that are not yet realized or that are uncomfortable to discuss. Family therapy brings these problems to light by gathering the family unit together, improving communication and breaking down barriers.

"Couples wait an average of six years of being unhappy with their relationship before getting help."

John Gottman

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